About the Change Data Capture Transformations

Change Data Capture Defined

Change data capture (CDC) is a process that shortens the time required to load data from a relational database. The process is efficient because the source is a changed data table, rather than the entire base table.
The CDC transformations in SAS Data Integration Studio are used to load dimension tables in star schemas, as part of an implementation of slowly changing dimensions. For more information, see About Slowly Changing Dimensions.
The following diagram illustrates a job that loads changed data into a dimension table. The temporary target table that is generated by the CDC transformation is the source for the SCD Type 2 Loader transformation.
A CDC Job that Implements Slowly Changing Dimensions
The CDC Loading Process
SAS Data Integration Studio provides four CDC transformations: Oracle CDC, DB2 CDC, Attunity CDC, and General CDC. The Oracle, DB2, and Attunity transformations work directly with changed data tables that are in native database format. The General CDC transformation loads change data from other vendors or from your own custom applications.
The CDC transformations are available in the Transformations tree under the heading Change Data Capture.
The CDC transformations require you to install and configure change data capture software on your relational database, and then use that software to generate changed data tables. For details, see the topic that describes the prerequisites for each of the CDC transformations.
All of the CDC transformations require you to supply a source changed data table. Additionally, the CDC transformations can be configured to read a control table. The primary purpose of the control table is to allow only one write to each record in the target. For information about control tables, see About CDC Control Tables.

Prerequisites for Change Data Capture

The CDC transformations require the following software:
Attunity CDC
Attunity is a data integration product, in which the Attunity Stream software enables connectivity between databases and across operating environments. The Attunity CDC transformation has been validated on Attunity AIS 5.0 with Attunity Stream. To use the Attunity software you need to license SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC.
Oracle CDC
The Oracle CDC transformation has been validated on Oracle 10G with asynchronous CDC. The transformation requires that you license SAS/ACCESS to Oracle. Note that Oracle CDC supports Asynchronous Autolog Publishing.
The DB2 CDC transformation has been validated on DB2/UDB, release 8.1, fixpak 3. The transformation requires that you license SAS/ACCESS to DB2.
General CDC
The General CDC transformation has no prerequisites.