Registering SAS Libraries


You want to register a SAS library so that you can access tables in that library.


Use the New Library wizard to register the library.
In SAS software, a library is a collection of one or more files that are recognized by SAS and that are referenced and stored as a unit. You cannot use SAS Data Integration Studio to register tables, run jobs that read and write tables, or view data in tables until the libraries that contain these tables have been registered.
At some sites, an administrator registers most of the libraries that are needed, and the administrator tells SAS Data Integration Studio users which libraries to use. It is possible, however, that you need to register additional libraries.
Note: Registering a library does not, in itself, provide access to tables in the library. You must perform a separate operation to register any tables that you want to access in the library. See Registering Tables and Cubes.


Register a SAS Library

Perform the following steps to register a SAS library:
  1. From the SAS Data Integration Studio desktop, select the appropriate folder in the Folders tree, and then select File then selectNewthen selectLibrary from the menu bar. The New Library wizard displays. The first page of the wizard enables you to select the type of library that you want to create.
  2. After you have selected the library type, click OK.
  3. Enter the rest of the library metadata as prompted by the wizard.
For more information about libraries, see the chapters about common data sources in the SAS Intelligence Platform: Data Administration Guide. See also the notes about libraries in General Usage Notes.