About Status Handling for Jobs and Transformations

When you execute a SAS Data Integration Studio job, a return code for each transformation in the job is captured in a macro variable. The return code for the job is set according to the least successful transformation in the job. These return codes can be used to test for certain conditions, such as Successful or Lookup Failed. Use the Status Handling tab in the property window for jobs and transformations to specify an action that should be performed when a certain condition is met, such as Send Email or Send Event. In this way, you can specify actions based on the status of a job or transformation when it is executed.
For example, if a lookup fails in the process flow for a job, the job can be terminated, and a status message can be sent to a person, to a file, or to an event broker that passes the status message to another application. You can also use status handling to capture job statistics, such as the number of records before and after an append of the last table loaded in the job. To capture statistics about a job, select the desired condition to be tested for the job, such as Successful, and then associate that condition with the Send Job Status action.