Documenting Process Flow Diagrams


You want to document a process flow diagram by either printing it directly or saving it as a graphic file. The diagram has been built on the Diagram tab in the Job Editor window of a SAS Data Integration Studio job.


You can print or save the process flow diagram from the Job Editor window of an open job.


Print or Save a Process Flow Diagram

Perform the following steps to print or save a process flow diagram:
  1. Locate and open the job that contains the process flow diagram that you need to document.
  2. If you want to print the process flow diagram, select Filethen selectPrint from the menu bar. The Print window displays. Then, configure and run the print job. Note that the process flow diagram is resized to fit the paper that is selected for the printer. Use a plotter for large process flow diagrams.
  3. If you want to print the process flow diagram as a graphic file, select Filethen selectSave Diagram as Image from the menu bar. A submenu displays the following two options: Current Page or Entire Diagram. The Entire Diagram option allows the user to save the entire image, but it is scaled and might lose some resolution for extremely large images. The Current Page option creates an image of the visible portion of the flow without scaling. After selecting an option, specify a name and path and click Save to save the file.