About the SPD Server Table Loader Transformation

The SPD Server Table Loader transformation can be added to a process flow when a SAS Scalable Performance Data (SPD) Server table is used as a target. The SPD Server Table Loader generates code that is appropriate for the special data format that the server uses. It also enables you to specify options that are unique to SPD Server tables.
You can specify a variety of table options in the Table Options tab. Other loader options can be set in the Options tab. Additional table options not specified in these tabs can be set in the Additional data table options field located in the Loader window on the Options tab. These options are described in detail in the documentation that is installed with the SPD Server. One example of an additional table option is the MINMAXVARLIST option that is described in the SAS Data Integration Studio Usage Notes topic in SAS Data Integration Studio Help.
All loader transformations write to a table that is registered to a library. For more information about registering SPD Server tables and libraries, see the "Establishing Connectivity to a Scalable Performance Data Server" section in the "Connecting to Common Data Sources" chapter of the SAS Intelligence Platform: Data Administration Guide.