About Deploying Jobs as Stored Processes

You can select a job in the Inventory tree or the Folders tree and deploy it as a SAS stored process. Code is generated for the stored process and the code is saved to a file in a source repository. Metadata about the stored process is saved to the current metadata server. The stored process can be executed as required by requesting applications.
You can use stored processes for Web reporting, analytics, building Web applications, delivering result packages to clients or the middle tier, and publishing results to channels or repositories. Stored processes can also access any SAS data source or external file and create new data sets, files, or other data targets supported by the SAS System.
Here are some of the main tasks that are associated with deploying a job as a stored process:
See also Prerequisites for Deploying a Job as a Stored Process. For information about creating stored processes that are not based on deployed jobs, see Working with Stored Processes.