About the Oracle Bulk Table Loader Transformation

The Oracle Bulk Table Loader transformation can be added to a process flow to take large amounts of data from a SAS or Oracle source file and bulk load it to an Oracle target.
The Oracle Bulk Table Loader contains several tabs to define the bulk loading method to use. The Load Technique tab and Table Options tab are specific to Oracle. Other loader options can be set on the Options tab.
The Oracle Bulk Table Loader functions like other loaders, but it also provides additional options available on the Load Technique tab. These options enable users to select the best method to load their data. The default bulk load method is Insert, and other options include Append, Replace, and Truncate. Additional options on the Load Technique tab allow users to drop and recreate indexes and constraints and to gather table statistics after the table has been bulk loaded.
In order for the Oracle Bulk Table Loader functionality to work properly, follow these data and configuration considerations:
  • Oracle does not support table names with spaces in the name, so any table created in metadata with this name will not load properly.
  • When an index is dropped or created, the index must be unique to the target table. The index cannot be used on any other table without causing a failure when trying to create the index because the index already exists in the database.
  • The SQL loader must be installed as part of the Oracle client.