Setting Table Loader Transformation Options


You want to specify the options that control how the Table Loader transformation updates the target.


You can use the settings on the Load Technique tab in the properties window for the Table Loader transformation. Some of the settings on the tab vary depending on which load styles you use, although some settings appear for more than one load style.
In addition to the options on the Load Technique tab, more options are located under the Options tab in the properties window.


Setting the Table Loader Job Options

Perform the following steps to set the response:
  1. Create a job in SAS Data Integration Studio and give it an appropriate name.
  2. Drop the Table Loader transformation from the Process tab onto the Job Editor window. Drag and drop a source table and a target table from the Inventory or Folders tab to the appropriate sides of the Table Loader transformation. Connect the source and target tables to the transformation. This step creates a single process flow diagram for the job, which is shown in the following example.
    Sample of the Table Loader Flow
    Sample of the Table Loader Flow
  3. Set the Load Technique by right-clicking on the Table Loader transformation to open the Properties window. Select the Load Technique tab. Here you can set the load style, the technique to be used, and the constraints or indexes. For this example, which uses a SAS table, the selections are shown in the following display.
    Sample Table Loader Load Technique Selections
    Sample Table Loader Load Technique Selections
  4. If these options are not already set in the target table object, you can set additional options by selecting the Options tab in the Properties window. For example, your business requires that three generations of target table backups be kept, and you need to use the load style of Replace with a load technique of Simulate truncate. Open the Options tab and enter GENMAX=3 in the Additional table options field of the Loader window.
    Modify Table Loader Options
    Modify Table Loader Options
  5. Click OK to save the setting and close the properties window.
  6. Submit and run the job.
  7. Save the job.