Administrative Documentation for SAS Data Integration Studio

Administrative tasks that are performed outside of the SAS Data Integration Studio interface are described in SAS Intelligence Platform documentation, which can be found at the following location:
The following table identifies the main SAS Intelligence Platform documentation for SAS Data Integration Studio.
SAS Intelligence Platform Documentation for SAS Data Integration Studio
Administrative Task
Related Documentation
  • Set up a folder structure for your site in the Folders tree.
  • Promote metadata (additional information and metadata export and import).
  • Start, stop, and check the status of servers.
  • Monitor the system and set up system logs.
  • Back up and restore your system.
  • Optimize the performance of the SAS Metadata Server.
  • Manage SAS metadata repositories.
SAS Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide
  • Set up security.
SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide
  • Set up data servers and libraries for common data sources.
SAS Intelligence Platform: Data Administration Guide
  • Set up SAS Application Servers.
SAS Intelligence Platform: Application Server Administration Guide
  • Set up grid computing (so that jobs can execute on a grid).
Grid Computing for SAS 9.3
  • Set up scheduling for jobs that have been deployed for scheduling.
Scheduling In SAS
  • Set up change management.
  • Set up servers and libraries for remote data (multi-tier environments).
  • Set up support for message queue jobs.
  • Set up support for Web service jobs and other stored process jobs.
  • Enable the bulk-loading of data into target tables in a DBMS.
  • Set up SAS Data Quality software.
  • Set up support for job status handling.
  • Set up support for FTP and HTTP access to external files.
SAS Intelligence Platform: Desktop Application Administration Guide
  • Work with SAS OLAP cubes.
SAS OLAP Server: User's Guide