Prerequisites for Message Queues

The following prerequisites are required in order to use message queues in SAS Data Integration Studio jobs:
  • Base SAS and SAS Integration technologies must be installed on the machine where the message queue server is installed.
  • The message queue server must be installed (WebSphere MQ server for WebSphere queues; MSMQ Server for Microsoft queues). Then, the queues must be defined on the server.
  • The workspace server must have client/server or client access to the message queue server. The workspace server that is defined and used to run queue jobs is critical. For example, if you are using a metadata server on your machine and using the workspace server on Machine X and the model is client/server, then messages are sent to the message queue server that is running on Machine X.
  • The machine that is used to run the job is able to access the message queue server.
  • The queue manager and queues must be defined in SAS Management Console. For more information, see the "Administering Message Queues" section in the "Administering SAS Data Integration Studio" chapter of the SAS Intelligence Platform: Desktop Application Administration Guide.
Note: If you want to launch a SAS program to read messages from a WebSphere message queue and process them, see Polling a Websphere Message Queue.