How Do I Get SAS XML Mapper?

SAS XML Mapper can be installed from the installation media for Windows and UNIX platforms, or it can be downloaded from the SAS Web site
The latest version of SAS XML Mapper, which is SAS 9.3, can be downloaded and used with SAS 9.3 or with versions of SAS prior to SAS 9.3. There are some features that can be used only with SAS 9.3 XML Mapper, such as the 2.1 XMLMap version.
SAS XML Mapper has online Help attached, which includes usage examples. From the menu bar, select Help, and then Help Topics.
For a quick tutorial of SAS XML Mapper, see the video How to Automatically Generate XMLMap Files (video) on the Base SAS XML LIBNAME Engine Focus Area page at Look for the heading XML Mapper and click on the link to the video.