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LIBNAME Statement for the XML Engine

Understanding the XML LIBNAME Engine Versions: XML and XML92

About the XML Engine Versions

SAS 9.2 provides two versions for XML LIBNAME engine functionality by implementing engine nicknames in the LIBNAME statement.

The major differences between the versions include the following:

Comparing the XML Engine Versions: XML92 and XML

XML Compliance

The XML92 version is XML compliant, which means that XML92 requires XML markup to be well-formed and in valid construction that is in compliance with the W3C specifications. Because the XML92 version is XML compliant, using XML92 could affect the following situations:

XMLMap Files

The XML version supports all XMLMap files starting with XMLMap version 1.0. The XML92 version supports XMLMap files starting with XMLMap version 1.2. The documented XMLMap syntax version is 1.9. See XMLMap Syntax Version 1.9.

LIBNAME Statement Functionality Enhancements for XML92

The XML92 version provides the following LIBNAME statement functionality:

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