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Importing XML Documents

Importing a CDISC ODM Document

This example imports the XML document that is shown in Sample XML Document. The document conforms to Version 1.2 of the CDISC Operational Data Model (ODM). To import a CDISC ODM document, you specify CDISCODM as the XML markup type, and you can specify values for the FORMATACTIVE= option, FORMATLIBRARY= option, and FORMATNOREPLACE= options.

The following SAS program imports the XML document as a SAS data set:

filename odm 'C:\Documents and Settings\myid\MyDocuments\CDISC\AE.XML'; 1 

libname odm xml xmltype=CDISCODM 2  FormatActive=YES 3  
   FormatNoReplace=NO 4  FormatLibrary="Work" 5 ; 

proc print data=odm.AE; 6 

  1. The FILENAME statement assigns the fileref ODM to the physical location of the XML document (complete pathname, filename, and file extension).

  2. The LIBNAME statement uses the fileref to reference the XML document and specifies the XML engine. By default, the XML engine expects GENERIC markup, so you must include the XMLTYPE= option in order to read the XML document in CDISCODM markup.

  3. FORMATACTIVE=YES specifies to convert CDISC ODM CodeList elements in the document to SAS formats.

  4. FORMATNOREPLACE=NO specifies to replace any existing SAS formats in the format catalog that have the same name as the converted formats.

  5. FORMATACTIVE="Work" specifies to create the format catalog in the temporary Work library. The Work library is also the default if you omit the FORMATACTIVE= option.

  6. The PRINT procedure produces the output.


                              The SAS System                              1


       1 STUDY.StudyOID        v1.1.0            001         SE.VISIT1
       2 STUDY.StudyOID        v1.1.0            001         SE.VISIT1


       1           1             FORM.AE          1             IG.AE
       2           1             FORM.AE          1             IG.AE

     Obs __ITEMGROUPREPEATKEY     TAREA       PNO          SCTRY

       1          1              Oncology    143-02    United States
       2          2              Oncology    143-02    United States

     Obs         F_STATUS          LINE_NO    AETERM    AESTMON  AESTDAY

       1 Source verified, queried     1     HEADACHE       6        10
       2 Source verified, queried     2     CONGESTION     6        11


       1  1999   10JUN99     6        14     1999   14JUN99  Mild   None
       2  1999   11JUN99     .         .        .         .  Mild   None

     Obs AEOUT                           AEACTTRT        AECONTRT

       1 Resolved, no residual effects     None     Medication required
       2 Continuing                        None     Medication required

The output from PROC CONTENTS displays the file's attributes as well as the attributes of each interpreted column (variable), such as the variable's type and length. The attributes are obtained from the embedded ODM metadata content. The VARNUM option causes the variables to be printed first in alphabetical order and then in the order of their creation.

proc contents data=odm.AE varnum;


                                 The SAS System                                2

                             The CONTENTS Procedure

           Data Set Name        ODM.AE      Observations          .
           Member Type          DATA        Variables             28
           Engine               XML         Indexes               0
           Created              .           Observation Length    0
           Last Modified        .           Deleted Observations  0
           Protection                       Compressed            NO
           Data Set Type                    Sorted                NO
           Data Representation  Default
           Encoding             Default

                          Variables in Creation Order

 # Variable           Type Len Format    Informat Label

 1 __STUDYOID         Char 100                    __STUDYOID
 2 __                 Char 100                    __METADATAVERSIONOID
 3 __SUBJECTKEY       Char 100                    __SUBJECTKEY
 4 __STUDYEVENTOID    Char 100                    __STUDYEVENTOID
 5 __                 Char 100                    __STUDYEVENTREPEATKEY
 6 __FORMOID          Char 100                    __FORMOID
 7 __FORMREPEATKEY    Char 100                    __FORMREPEATKEY
 8 __ITEMGROUPOID     Char 100                    __ITEMGROUPOID
 9 __                 Char 100                    __ITEMGROUPREPEATKEY
10 TAREA              Char   4 $TAREAF.           Therapeutic Area
11 PNO                Char  15                    Protocol Number
12 SCTRY              Char   4 $SCTRYF.           Country
13 F_STATUS           Char   1 $F_STATU.          Record status, 5 levels,
                                                  internal use
14 LINE_NO            Num    8           2.       Line Number
15 AETERM             Char 100                    Conmed Indication
16 AESTMON            Num    8           2.       Start Month - Enter
                                                  Two Digits 01-12
17 AESTDAY            Num    8           2.       Start Day - Enter
                                                  Two Digits 01-31
18 AESTYR             Num    8           4.       Start Year - Enter
                                                  Four Digit Year
19 AESTDT             Num    8 DATE.              Derived Start Date
20 AEENMON            Num    8           2.       Stop Month - Enter
                                                  Two Digits 01-12
21 AEENDAY            Num    8           2.       Stop Day - Enter
                                                  Two Digits 01-31
22 AEENYR             Num    8           4.       Stop Year - Enter
                                                  Four Digit Year
23 AEENDT             Num    8 DATE.              Derived Stop Date
24 AESEV              Char   1 $AESEV.            Severity
25 AEREL              Char   1 $AEREL.            Relationship to study drug
26 AEOUT              Char   1 $AEOUT.            Outcome
27 AEACTTRT           Char   1 $AEACTTR.          Actions taken re study drug
28 AECONTRT           Char   1 $AECONTR.          Actions taken, other

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