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XMLMap Files for the XML Engine

Using SAS XML Mapper to Generate and Update an XMLMap

What Is SAS XML Mapper?

SAS XML Mapper is an XMLMap support tool for the XML engine. SAS XML Mapper is a Java-based, stand-alone application that removes the tedium when creating and modifying an XMLMap.

SAS XML Mapper provides a graphical interface that you can use to generate the appropriate XML elements. SAS XML Mapper analyzes the structure of an XML document or an XML schema and generates basic XML syntax for the XMLMap.

The interface consists of windows, a menu bar, and a toolbar. Using SAS XML Mapper, you can display an XML document or an XML schema, create and modify an XMLMap, and generate example SAS programs.

SAS XML Mapper

[SAS XML Mapper Graphical Interface]

Using the Windows

The XML window and the XMLMap window are the two primary windows. The XML window, which is on the left, displays an XML document in a tree structure. The XMLMap window, which is on the right, displays an XMLMap in a tree structure. The map tree displays three layers: the top level is the map itself, the second tier includes tables, and the leaf nodes are columns. The detail area at the top displays information about the currently selected item, such as attributes for the table or column. The information is subdivided into tabs.

There are several source windows on the bottom of the interface, such as the XML source window, the XMLMap source window, the SAS code example window, and so on.

Using the Menu Bar

The menu bar provides menus in order to request functionality. For example, select the File menu, and then Open XML in order to display a browser so that you can select an XML document to open.

Using the Toolbar

The toolbar contains icons for shortcuts to several items on the menu bar. For example, the first icon from the left is the Open an XML file icon. Select it to display a browser so that you can select an XML document to open.

How Do I Get SAS XML Mapper?

SAS XML Mapper can be installed from the installation media for Windows and UNIX platforms, or it can be downloaded from the SAS Web site

The latest version of SAS XML Mapper, which is SAS 9.2, can be downloaded and used with SAS 9.2 or with versions of SAS before SAS 9.2. There are some features that can be used only with SAS 9.2 XML Mapper, such as the 1.9 XMLMap version.

SAS XML Mapper has online Help attached, which includes usage examples. From the menu bar, select Help, and then Help Topics.

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