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SPD Engine LIBNAME Statement Options


LIBNAME libref SPDE 'full-primary-path' <options> ;

a name that is up to eight characters long and that conforms to the rules for SAS names. You cannot specify TEMP as a libref for an SPD Engine library unless TEMP is not used as an environment variable.


the complete pathname of the primary path for the SPD Engine library. The name must be recognized by the operating environment. Enclose the name in single or double quotation marks. Unless the DATAPATH= and INDEXPATH= options are specified, the index and data components are stored in the same location. The primary path must be unique for each library. Librefs that are different but reference the same primary path are interpreted to be the same library and can result in lost data.

Note:   You cannot change the names of the locations of the files. When you specify the DATAPATH=, INDEXPATH=, METAPATH=, or primary path LIBNAME options, make sure the identical paths that were used when the data set was created are used every time you access the data sets. The names of these locations are stored internally in the data set.   [cautionend]


one or more SPD Engine LIBNAME statement options.

Operating Environment Information: A valid library specification and its syntax are specific to your operating environment. For details, see the SAS documentation for your operating environment.

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