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Migration to SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2

Migrating from a SAS Enterprise Guide Repository

In earlier versions of SAS Enterprise Guide, metadata was stored in a SAS Enterprise Guide repository (SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 supported both SAS Enterprise Guide repositories and SAS Metadata Repositories). Although some objects (such as servers, libraries, and users) that were defined in SAS Enterprise Guide repositories are also defined in SAS Metadata Repositories, the repositories use very different metadata models. As a result, it is not possible to automatically migrate metadata definitions between the two types of repositories.

Use SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer 4.1 or earlier to examine the definitions for each metadata object (except for binders) in the SAS Enterprise Guide repository, then record the definition information. After your SAS Metadata Server has been installed and configured, use SAS Management Console to create new definitions for serves, libraries, users, and groups. You can also use SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer to create definitions for libraries.

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