Setting Up the Initial Project and Diagram

SAS Enterprise Miner organizes data analysis into projects and diagrams. Each project can have several process flow diagrams, and each diagram can contain several analyses. Typically, each diagram contains an analysis of one data set.
To create a new project and diagram, complete the following steps:
  1. On the menu bar, select Filethen selectNewthen selectProject.
  2. In the Create New Project — Select a SAS Server window, specify the SAS server where this project is located. Click Next.
  3. In the Create New Project — Specify Project Name and Server Directory window, specify a Project Name and the SAS Server Location. Click Next.
    Create New Project Window
  4. In the Create New Project — Register the Project window, the SAS Folder Location identifies where your project-specific information is stored. If you want to change this directory, click Browse and navigate to a different folder. Click Next.
  5. The Create New Project — New Project Information window contains a summary of your new project. Click Finish.
  6. To create a new diagram, select Filethen selectNewthen selectDiagram on the main menu.
  7. In the Create New Diagram window, enter the name of your diagram. Click OK.
    Create New Diagram Window