Migration from SAS Enterprise Miner 6.2 to SAS Enterprise Miner 7.1

SAS Enterprise Miner projects are composed primarily of physical files and metadata about the projects and data sources. If you are upgrading your current system, you need to migrate only the metadata from your previous system to your new system. If you are changing operating systems, you will also need to migrate the physical files for your projects and data sources.
Migrating to a new server, a new operating system, or a new SAS topology requires more care and planning. You should review your goals for upgrading and develop an upgrade plan that best fits your enterprise environment. The SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform: Migration Guide explains the options available, defines the steps required both before and after installation of your new software. For metadata migration, follow the SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform: Migration Guide.
For more information about system migration, see the SAS Technical Support’s focus area for Migration at http://support.sas.com/rnd/migration.
Using the SAS Migration Utility with the SAS Deployment Wizard to migrate to SAS 9.3 has the advantage of being the most automated process available.
The physical files and folders that comprise a SAS Enterprise Miner project can be numerous and complicated in structure. When moving the project files it is necessary to maintain the hierarchy of folders and files. If you are migrating to an operating system with a different word size (32-bit to 64-bit), a different locale or encoding, or different byte order, you will need to convert the SAS Enterprise Miner project files to a format compatible with your new operating system.
On the previous system, the EM_MigrateProject macro prepares SAS Enterprise Miner project directories and files for movement between different operating environments. For example, moving SAS Enterprise Miner projects to or from 32-bit and 64-bit systems (such as moving from Windows Server 2003 32-bit environment to a Windows Server 2008 64-bit environment) will require the EM_MigrateProject macro. If you are changing to a system with a different locale and encoding from your previous system, you will need the EM_MigrateProject macro. If you are changing from one operating system to a different SAS Enterprise Miner supported operating systems, such as moving HP-UX files to a Red Hat Linux operating environment, the EM_MigrateProject macro will be needed.
On the new system, the EM_MigrateProject macro restores prepared projects to a usable form after the directories and files are moved to the new system. The EM_MigrateProject macro and its user’s guide are available from the SAS Technical Support’s Download site, http://support.sas.com/demosdownloads/sysdep_t1.jsp?packageID=000726.
Information about migrating your other SAS files to a new system is available in the SAS System Help under Strategies for Moving and Accessing SAS Files.