Configure SAS Enterprise Miner in SAS Management Console


SAS Management Console has a plug-in for SAS Enterprise Miner. This plug-in enables you to browse and customize some of the features of SAS Enterprise Miner. The SAS Enterprise Miner plug-in provides access to attributes of the Logical Workspace server and a server-specific list of projects. The SAS Enterprise Miner plug-in also provides access to the list of mining result packages that have been registered via SAS Enterprise Miner. For more information about SAS Management Console, see SAS 9.3 Management Console Guide to Users and Permissions.

Starting SAS Management Console

In Windows, you can start SAS Management Console from the SAS shortcuts located in your Start menu. In UNIX systems, navigate to SASHOME, which will be similar to /SASHome/SASManagementConsole/9.3, and run the command ./sasmc &. After SAS Management Console has started, connect as a SAS administrator, for example sasadm@saspw.

SAS Enterprise Miner Plug-in

Under the Plugins tab of SAS Management Console, expand the Application Management folder. Next, expand the Enterprise Miner Plug-in. Expand the Projects folder to display a list of all of the SAS Enterprise Miner servers. When you select the icon for SASApp — Logical Workspace Server, a list of all the projects created by that server is displayed in the adjacent pane on the right. Expand the Models folder to access the list of model results packages registered from SAS Enterprise Miner to this server.
You can view and customize Logical Workspace Servers, even if you do not have any registered SAS Enterprise Miner projects. Servers will recognize custom project settings when new projects are created on the servers.

Logical Workspace Server Customizations

The behavior of each Logical Workspace Server definition can be customized for SAS Enterprise Miner in the following ways:
  • By specifying default locations for new projects on a server.
  • By specifying whether users can modify the default location for new projects on a server.
  • By specifying the maximum number of concurrent tasks that are allowed on a particular server. The maximum concurrent tasks setting affects the extent of parallel processing that SAS Enterprise Miner can use in a data mining process flow. You can use the maximum number of concurrent tasks setting to tune your symmetric multiprocessor server environment for optimal performance
  • By specifying SAS initialization code that is run when a project is opened, or when process flow diagram results or model result packages are generated. SAS initialization code is similar to the Project Start-up Code feature of SAS Enterprise Miner projects, except that SAS initialization code can initialize all SAS sessions for all projects that are associated with a particular server.
  • By providing an alternate command to launch any SAS/CONNECT sessions that are called for nodes in a data mining process flow.
After you have navigated to the SAS Enterprise Miner plug-in, you can customize the properties for a SAS Enterprise Miner server with the following steps:
  1. Expand the Projects folder to display a list of all of the SAS Enterprise Miner Servers. Select the icon for SASApp — Logical Workspace Server.
  2. Right-click the icon for a server under the Projects folder, and then select Properties from the pop-up menu.
    Properties Menu selection
  3. When the Logical Workspace Server Properties window appears, select the Options tab.
    Options tab
    You can perform the following tasks in the Options tab:
    • Set Default Project Location — You can customize the Default Location for New Projects by entering a path. All new SAS Enterprise Miner projects that are created on this server will default to the path that you specify. If you want to prevent users who create projects from changing the default project location, select the Do not allow users to change this location check box.
    • Set Maximum Concurrent Nodes — In Max. Concurrent Nodes, specify the maximum number of concurrently running nodes that you want to allow in project process flow diagrams.
    • Set Initialization Code — In the Initialization Code box, enter the path (on this server) to a project start-up file, if you want to use one. A project start-up file is a text file that contains SAS code that is run when a project is opened, a process flow diagram is run, or when result reports are generated.
    • Set MPCONNECT Launch Command — In the MPCONNECT launch command box, you can enter an alternate command to use when you launch MPCONNECT sessions. Normally it is safe to leave the MPCONNECT launch command box blank. There might be cases where you would like to modify some SAS system defaults for sessions that are used when running process flow diagrams. The following default command is used when this box is left blank:!sascmdv -noobjectserver -nosyntaxcheck -noasynchio.
      This command has the same effect as using the SAS command that was used to launch the SAS workspace session at the time the project was opened.
    • Set WebDAV URL — In the WebDAV URL field, you can optionally enter the URL to your WebDAV server. If you specify a WebDAV server, the SAS Enterprise Miner model result packages that you save will be copied to the WebDAV server location when the model packages are registered.
  4. Click OK to save your changes.