Deployment Errors and Warnings

Error Status

When an error status is returned to the SAS Deployment Wizard, it displays the message describing the problem that was encountered, and asks what further action to perform. The SAS Deployment Wizard offers a choice of actions. They include stopping, continuing, or retrying.
If you select No, the SAS Deployment Wizard ends the deployment at that point. If you choose Yes to continue, the SAS Deployment Wizard will start the next configuration step in the list. If the error message indicates a correctable problem, you might be able to handle the problem outside the SAS Deployment Wizard. In such a case, you can then choose to Retry, and the SAS Deployment Wizard will try to start the step over.

Warning Status

If a situation is detected that indicates a step was only partially successful but can be handled outside the SAS Deployment Wizard post-installation, the SAS Deployment Wizard sets the warning status flag and continues as if it were successful.
The SAS Deployment Wizard does not ask whether you want to cancel, continue, or retry. However, information about the warning is written to a special section in Instructions.html. The Instructions.html is located in your config-dir in the Documents folder.