Intended Audience

This administrator’s guide describes the recommended system architecture and requirements, installation and post-installation tasks, ongoing system administration, and troubleshooting. The SAS Enterprise Miner Administrator’s Guide is for administrators who need to install, configure, and optimize SAS Enterprise Miner. No programming experience, SAS or otherwise, is necessary to administer SAS Enterprise Miner.
The administration duties are divided into two roles, a system administrator and a SAS Enterprise Miner administrator. These need not be the same person.
  • The system administrator must be familiar with the hardware, operating system, file system, installed applications, maintenance, and operation of the computer system that will house SAS Enterprise Miner.
  • The SAS Enterprise Miner administrator must be familiar with the installation, configuration, and maintenance of all parts of the SAS system, including the SAS Metadata Server. One such duty is the maintenance of the metadata server, which regulates traffic between servers, users, and other global resources required by SAS Enterprise Miner.