Overview of the SAS Enterprise Miner Architecture


SAS Enterprise Miner is integrated with the SAS Intelligence Platform. The SAS Intelligence Platform architecture is designed to efficiently access large amounts of data, while simultaneously providing timely intelligence to a large number of users. The platform uses an n-tier architecture that enables you to distribute functionality across computer resources, so that each type of work is performed by the resources that are best suited to the job. For more information about the SAS Intelligence Platform, see SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform: Overview.
The following is an overview of the SAS Intelligence Platform.
SAS Intelligence Platform

The SAS Intelligence Platform: SAS Metadata Server

The SAS Metadata Server controls access to a central repository of metadata that is shared by all of the SAS applications in the deployment. The SAS Metadata Server enables centralized control so that all users access consistent and accurate data. SAS Enterprise Miner stores metadata concerning users, data mining projects, and other resources in the repository. Administrators use SAS Management Console to administer the SAS Metadata Server, including SAS server configurations. SAS Enterprise Miner can also use the SAS Metadata Server to obtain metadata about SAS libraries, SAS Workspace Servers, and the SAS Object Spawner and to authenticate users.

The SAS Intelligence Platform: SAS Workspace Server

The SAS Workspace Server enables client applications to submit SAS code to a SAS session using an application programming interface (API). SAS Enterprise Miner generates the SAS code necessary to perform the processing and submits it to a workspace server. You can run as many instances of workspace servers as are needed to support your workload.

The SAS Intelligence Platform: The SAS Object Spawner

The SAS Object Spawner is the process that SAS Enterprise Miner uses to run the workspace server. It listens for requests for a server, authenticates the requesting client, and launches the server process as needed. The SAS Object Spawner connects to the SAS Metadata Server to obtain information about the servers that it manages.

SAS Web Infrastructure Platform

The SAS Web Infrastructure Platform (or WIP) provides the primary middle-tier components for the SAS platform. It supports n-tier architectures built around HTTP-based technologies. The middle-tier components in WIP not only provide for common infrastructure, but also support distributed deployments and configurations that support enterprise requirements.

SAS Framework Data Server

The SAS Framework Data Server is a database server that is used by the SAS Web Infrastructure Platform as the default location for middle-tier data. This data includes alerts, comments, and workflows.