SAS Enterprise Miner Start Code

You can enter SAS code that you want to run before any Enterprise Miner processing. This code can include any SAS system options, titles and footnotes, libref and filename statements, or Enterprise Miner macro variables. Use this code to customize your SAS Enterprise Miner session. You should not enter code that runs SAS procedures or other potentially time-consuming operations. In particular, you should avoid the creation of unneeded SAS libraries that will slow the creation of SAS Enterprise Miner sessions and thus reduce system responsiveness.
There are three types of start code.
  • Workspace Server Autoexec Code — The default search path used by the SAS system for is not used by the workspace server. Instead, any SAS statements that you want executed immediately after the Workspace server initializes can be added to This file can be found in your configuration directory, for example C:\SAS\EMTM\Lev1\SASApp\WorkspaceServer\ Other options for workspace server configuration are available in the SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform Application Server Administration Guide.
  • Server Start Code — Your server administrator will manage this code that will be executed for all SAS Enterprise Miner users for any server. This code is stored in a SAS code file accessible on the SAS server. The filename and location is entered as Initialization Code on the Options tab of the Logical Workspace Server Properties in the Enterprise Miner plug-in for the SAS Management Console.
  • Project Start Code — Users can enter code that will be executed for any process within the current project. This code is stored in the Enterprise Miner project and is edited through the property sheet for the project.
The order of execution of SAS Enterprise Miner session start code is:
  1. Workspace Server Autoexec Code
  2. Server Start Code
  3. Project Start Code
For details on the available SAS Enterprise Miner macro variables, see the SAS Enterprise Miner 7.1 Reference Help in the SAS Enterprise Miner Client.