SAS Data Quality Server Concepts

Specifying the Quality Knowledge Base

To access a Quality Knowledge Base, SAS programs reference the value set in the DQSETUPLOC= system option. The value of the system option is the path to the root directory of a Quality Knowledge Base.
  • If you move your Quality Knowledge Base, update the path specifications with DQSETUPLOC= accordingly.
  • If your site uses multiple Quality Knowledge Bases, reference each location with the DQSETUPLOC= option.

Configure Your SAS Session for Data Quality

Use the DQOPTIONS= system option to configure your SAS session for data quality. Specify the option in your SAS start-up command. SASV9.CFG. DQOPTIONS= enables you to specify one or more option-value pairs that pertain to the operation of the SAS Data Quality Server software.
The DQOPTIONS= system option enables two option-value pairs. The DQSRVPROTOCOL=WIRELINE pair improves the performance of the DMSRVDATASVC and DMSRVPROCESSSVC procedures by streamlining data transfer to and from the DataFlux Data Management Server. It is the default on z/OS, and improves performance on all other platforms. In other operating environments, the default SOAP protocol is recommended.
TRANSCODE=IGNORE | WARN specifies that transcoding errors between character sets are to be ignored, and SAS processing is allowed to continue. By default, transcoding errors terminate SAS processing.
See DQOPTIONS for additional information.

Specify Definitions in SAS Data Cleansing Programs

To specify definitions in your SAS data cleansing programs, you need to know the names of the definitions that are available in a particular locale. To find out the names of the definitions that are available in a particular local, use the %DQPUTLOC AUTOCALL Macro.
To display information about a locale that is currently loaded into memory, use the DQLOCALEINFOGET Function.
To display a list of definitions in a specified locale, use the DQLOCALEINFOLIST Function to return the name of the locale that best fits your data.

Considerations for Installing and Updating the Software

The SAS Data Quality Server software is delivered with a sample Quality Knowledge Base. After you install the SAS Data Quality Server software, download the latest Quality Knowledge Base, including your choice of locales, available through MyDataFlux Portal at the DataFlux Web site,
To maximize performance, download new Quality Knowledge Bases as they are made available by DataFlux on the DataFlux Web site. Check the release notes of the latest release to determine whether your locales have been updated. Decide whether you need any of the new locales that might have been added.
When you update your Quality Knowledge Base, you might want to install it in a new location rather than overwriting your existing Quality Knowledge Base. This decision is particularly important if you have customized your Quality Knowledge Base in the previous release. Customizations are made with the DataFlux Data Management Studio software. If you install your updated Quality Knowledge Base in a new location, make sure you reference the Quality Knowledge Base by specifying the appropriate value in the DQSETUPLOC= system option.
If you customized your previous Quality Knowledge Base, evaluate those changes and carry them over to your new Quality Knowledge Base as needed.
When you upgrade your Quality Knowledge Base, be sure to regenerate your existing match codes so that they are consistent with the newly created match codes.