Returns the token names in an extraction definition.
Valid in: DATA step, PROC SQL, and SCL
Requirement: If specified, the locale must be loaded into memory as part of the locale list.


DQEXTINFOGET ('extraction-definition' <,'locale'> )

Required Argument

specifies the name of the extraction definition. The definition must exist in the locale that is used.

Optional Argument

specifies a character constant, variable, or expression that contains the locale name.
Default:The default locale is the first locale in the locale list. If no value is specified, the default locale is used.


The DQEXTINFOGET function returns the names of the tokens that can be inserted into character values using the DQEXTTOKENPUT function.

Example: DQEXTINFOGET Function

The following example returns the token names for the extraction definition e-mail in the locale ENUSA and displays the token names in the SAS log.
put tokenNames;
After this function call, the value of TOKENNAMES is Mailbox, Sub-Domain, Top-Level Domain, which are the names of the three tokens in this extraction definition.