Overview: DMSRVDATASVC Procedure

What Does the DMSRVDATASVC Procedure Do?

The DMSRVDATASVC procedure runs a DataFlux Data Management Studio real-time service on a DataFlux Data Management Server. DataFlux Data Management real-time services are batch processes that are intended to cleanse smaller amounts of data at the point of data entry. Data processing is intended to be synchronous, when a client application requests the service and awaits a response. The DMSRVDATASVC procedure authenticates you on the server, requests a service, delivers input data to the server, and delivers output data to a SAS DATA set.
To improve performance, large input data sets are delivered to the DataFlux Data Management Server in chunks of a specified size.
To cleanse or analyze larger amounts of data asynchronously, execute a DataFlux job using the function DMSRVBATCHJOB.