Returns the version of the DataFlux Data Management Server.
Valid in: DATA step, PROC SQL, and SCL


DMSRVVER (host , port )

Required Arguments

identifies the host of the DataFlux Data Management Server.
Interaction:If a zero-length string is entered for the host argument, then the value localhost will be used.
        /* Localhost is used for the host */
           dmsrvVer('', 21036);      
identifies the port through which the host communicates with the DataFlux Data Management Server.
Interaction:If the value specified is less than or equal to 0, then port number 21036 is used with SOAP, or port number 21037 is used when using Wireline.
        /* Port 21036 or 21037 is used */   
           dmsrvVer('dmsrvhostname', 0);        


The DMSRVVER function takes two arguments, a host name and a port number. If host is not specified, the local host is used. If port is not specified, or if the value is zero or a negative number, the default port number 21036 is used.
DMSRVVER returns a string listing the version number of the integration server, designated by the host and port values.

Example: DMSRVVER Function

The following example sets the value of the version to the character string of the DataFlux Data Management Server, running on machine 'myhost' and communicating with port 19525.
version=dmsrvVer ('myhost', 19525);