Overview of the vApp for SAS Data Loader

The SAS Data Loader for Hadoop web application runs inside a virtual machine or vApp. The vApp is started and managed by a hypervisor application. SAS Data Loader runs with a number of available third-party hypervisors. One of the available hypervisors is called VMware Player Pro.
The web application in the vApp communicates with SAS software on the Hadoop cluster to manage data within Hadoop.
The topics in this section review basic tasks, such as starting and stopping the vApp.
The SAS Data Loader for Hadoop: vApp Deployment Guide is a complete reference to tasks that can be performed in the vApp, such as the following:
  • Configure the vApp and SAS Data Loader after installing your SAS software.
  • Migrate from previous releases of SAS Data Loader for Hadoop.
  • Troubleshoot the vApp start process.
  • Update your vApp software.
  • If the version of Hadoop on your cluster has changed, change the version of Hadoop that is specified in the vApp to match.
  • If the security settings for your cluster have changed, change the security settings in the vApp to match.
  • Enable logging inside the vApp.
  • Manage your SAS license.
You can access SAS Data Loader for Hadoop: vApp Deployment Guide from the SAS Data Loader documentation page.