UPLOAD Procedure

Using the VALIDMEMNAME and VALIDVARNAME System Options

If the data you are transferring contains an invalid SAS name, such as a name containing special characters, national characters, or embedded blanks, you can specify VALIDVARNAME=ANY or VALIDMEMNAME=EXTEND before the signon statement to successfully transfer the files. The following types of data can contain nonstandard SAS names when you use the VALIDVARNAME and VALIDMEMNAME system options with PROCS UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD:
  • a SAS data set
  • a SAS library
  • a SAS variable
  • a DBMS table
  • a DBMS table column heading
Note: You must specify the VALIDMEMNAME and VALIDVARNAME system options before the SIGNON statement.
For more information about these Base SAS system options, see SAS System Options: Reference