What Is the CDISC Procedure?

The CDISC procedure provides functionality that is based on specific CDISC models. The procedure currently supports the following CDISC models and functionality:
CDISC ODM version 1.2
PROC CDISC provides the ability to import and export XML documents that conform to CDISC ODM version 1.2.
  • Importing is the process of reading an external XML document as a SAS data set.
  • Exporting is the process of writing a SAS data set to an output XML document that conforms to a CDISC model.
Note: For CDISC ODM support after version 1.2, see SAS Clinical Data Integration.
CDISC SDTM version 3.1
PROC CDISC performs data content validation on a SAS data set that conforms to CDISC SDTM version 3.1. PROC CDISC validates the SAS data set against domain definitions that are provided by CDISC SDTM.
Note: For CDISC SDTM support after version 3.1, see the SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit and SAS Clinical Data Integration.
A SAS data set is any file that is accessed by SAS, such as a SAS data file or a file that points to data from other sources, such as a DBMS table that is accessed with a SAS/ACCESS engine.