Creates a package that contains the SAS code for a specific rule flow. You can run this rule flow package by using the %BRM_RULE_FLOW macro.

Requirement: This macro must be run on the server tier.


RULEFLOW_SK=number, FOLDER_PATH=%STR(pathname),
FILELOCATION=%STR(package_pathname)<, WEBAUTHDOMAIN=%STR(domain)>);

Required Arguments


specifies the name of the rule flow that you want to export.

Example ruleflow_name=%str(Ruleflow1)


specifies the identification number of the rule flow. The identification number is shown in parentheses after the rule flow name on the rule flow History page or in the Properties section of the Results tab on the rule flow Tests page.

Example ruleflow_sk=10014


specifies the full pathname to the business rules folder where the rule flow is defined. Separate folder names with forward slashes.

Example folder_path=%str(Claims/Processing)


specifies the full pathname to the file for the DS2 package that is produced by the macro. The pathname must exist.

Example filelocation=%str(C:\MgrApprovals\approvalFlow.sas)

Optional Argument


specifies the authentication domain for the user ID that is used to access the rule flow.

Default DefaultAuth
Requirement A password must be defined for the user ID.
Last updated: February 22, 2017