DataFlux Data Management Server and SAS Data Quality Server

The software offerings, SAS Data Integration Server and SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server, include data quality software from SAS and from DataFlux (a SAS company). The data quality software enables you to analyze, standardize, and transform your data to increase the accuracy and value of the knowledge that you extract from your data.
The data quality product from SAS is SAS Data Quality Server, which consists of SAS language elements and a Quality Knowledge Base from DataFlux. The language elements analyze and cleanse data by referencing data definitions in the Quality Knowledge Base. SAS Data Quality Server also provides a SAS language interface to the DataFlux Data Management Platform.
The data quality software from DataFlux consists of the DataFlux Data Management Server, a second Quality Knowledge Base, and the DataFlux Data Management Studio software. The DataFlux Data Management Server runs jobs and real-time services that are created in DataFlux Data Management Studio. The jobs and real-time services can be executed by SAS programs that contain the procedures and functions in SAS Data Quality Server. Among its many capabilities, the DataFlux Data Management Studio software enables you to create jobs and real-time services and customize the data definitions in Quality Knowledge Bases.
SAS Data Integration Studio provides enabling software for data quality applications. SAS provides data quality transformations that enable you to analyze data, cleanse data, or trigger the execution of DataFlux jobs or real-time services on DataFlux Data Management Servers.
The data quality software from SAS and DataFlux requires setup and configuration after installation. For administrative information, see “Administering SAS Data Integration Studio” in the SAS Intelligence Platform: Desktop Application Adminstration Guide.