Display Detail Data for a Large Cube

If your cube contains an extremely large amount of detail data, then in order to view that data from within SAS Information Map Studio, you might need to increase the Java heap size for SAS Information Map Studio or increase the maximum number of drill-through rows that your SAS OLAP Server can handle. The default number of drill–through rows that can be displayed by a query is 300,000 rows.
You can increase the number of drill-through rows that your OLAP server can handle by changing the OLAP server definition with the Server Manager plug-in to SAS Management Console. To increase the number of drill-through rows, perform the following steps:
  1. In the navigation tree for Server Manager, find the node that represents your physical OLAP server.
  2. Right-click the icon and select Properties
  3. In the properties dialog box, select the Options tab, and then click Advanced Options.
  4. In the Advanced Options dialog box, select the Server tab, and then enter the desired value for the Maximum number of flattened rows field.
    SAS OLAP Server Advanced Options
    Figure showing the Advanced Option dialog box for a library
  5. Click OK to save the setting.