About OLAP Schemas

OLAP schemas provide an organizational function. An OLAP schema is a list of cubes that are grouped together so that they can be accessed by one or more SAS OLAP Servers. Each cube is listed in one and only one OLAP schema. Each SAS OLAP Server is required to use one OLAP schema. Multiple servers can use the same schema. To assign cubes to specific servers, you create new OLAP schemas. This might be necessary if you have multiple large cubes. In that case, you might want to assign one cube to one host, to one SAS OLAP Server, and to one OLAP schema.
New OLAP schemas are created with the Create OLAP Schema wizard in SAS OLAP Cube Studio or SAS Management Console. SAS OLAP Servers are assigned to new OLAP schemas by changing server properties in SAS Management Console. To create a new OLAP schema or assign an OLAP schema to a SAS OLAP Server using SAS Management Console, see Create or Assign an OLAP Schema. A SAS OLAP Server reads its assigned OLAP schema from metadata only as the server starts. Assigning a new OLAP schema to a server requires that you restart the SAS OLAP Server.
When building, updating, or deleting cubes, you can specify OLAP schemas in the Cube Designer wizard of SAS OLAP Cube Studio. Alternatively, if you choose to write SAS code for PROC OLAP, the schema is specified in the OLAP_SCHEMA= option of the METASVR statement.