Overview of Connecting to Common Data Sources

This chapter consists of detailed examples for establishing a connection to each of the common data sources introduced in Overview of Common Data Sources. Some of the connection processes covered in this chapter have common elements that might be applied to similar data sources. For example, the description of the process of using SAS/ACCESS to connect to an Oracle database might be useful when you connect to other relational databases such as DB2, Sybase, and Informix. Also, the descriptions of ODBC connections to Oracle and Microsoft Access databases and the account of the connection to an SAP source can be helpful when you connect to similar data sources.
In order to perform the procedures for registering libraries, you must have ReadMetadata and WriteMetadata permission for the repository and the SAS Application Servers that the data library is assigned to.
This chapter also explains the process that registers tables as metadata from the data sources. Registering a table in metadata enables you to view the data in a SAS application. For more information about managing table metadata, see Managing Table Metadata.