What's New in the SAS BI Dashboard 4.3


The SAS BI Dashboard 4.3 has the following enhancements and new features:
  • features for dashboard users
  • features for dashboard administrators

Features for Dashboard Users

  • You can run SAS BI Dashboard in a separate window (the dashboard viewer) rather than in the SAS Information Delivery Portal.
    When run in the dashboard viewer, the software offers more functionality than when displayed in the SAS Information Delivery Portal.
  • You can zoom in and view details in a dashboard.
  • You can display multiple columns in zoomed-out view.
  • You can create comments for a dashboard.
  • You can create and manage personal favorites.
  • The software offers new display types, such as waterfall chart, vector plot, and spark lines in tables.
  • The software can brush (interactively highlight) data within an indicator. Also, indicators can interact with each other.

Features for Dashboard Administrators

  • You create a dashboard interactively using drag-and-drop to add indicators to a dashboard.
  • The software saves files in a tree folder structure.
  • You can search for existing dashboards and objects, and filter a search by a specific type of object.
  • You can more easily customize and size each indicator in a dashboard, as well as the dashboard itself.
  • The software offers the ability to set up indicators so that they interact with each other via events.
  • You can open and view multiple dashboards on different tabs.
  • You can optimize screen space when building indicators and dashboards.
  • As you design a dashboard, you can preview different indicator display types to easily decide which display is most appropriate for the data to be displayed.
  • You can customize fonts, font colors, and font sizes in a dashboard.