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Administering SAS Information Map Studio

Access Control for SAS Information Maps

Information maps inherit permissions from their folders. The folders in turn inherit permissions from their parent folders. Folder permissions are not set in SAS Information Map Studio. Permissions can be applied in SAS Information Map Studio to SAS Information Maps within a folder.

WriteMetadata permission is needed on the information map to modify permissions or view any authorization-based prefilter assignments.

You can also apply BI row-level permissions through information maps. For details, see "BI Row-Level Permissions" in the SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide.

To define access to an information map from within SAS Information Map Studio:

  1. Open an information map or, if working with an unsaved information map, save it.

  2. Select Tools [arrow] Authorization.

  3. Modify the permission settings as necessary.

  4. Close the dialog box.

  5. Save the information map for the changes take effect.

For additional information, see the SAS Information Map Studio Help and Common Elements.

Access Control for Sets of Information Maps

Proper storage of information maps enables you to easily do the following:

To manage the access controls for sets of information maps, create subfolders under SAS Folders in the Folders tab of SAS Management Console. For example, you can add a folder for Human Resources and set access controls so the Human Resources user group has exclusive access to the Human Resources information map folder. The folder's access controls are inherited by all of the information maps within that folder.

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