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Administering SAS Management Console

SAS Management Console Overview for Administrators

SAS Management Console is the primary administrative interface for the SAS Intelligence Platform. Use it to manage servers, libraries, security, metadata objects, roles, logs, backup and recovery, scheduling, and message queues.

Because of its powerful capabilities, you should limit the number of clients that receive SAS Management Console. Grant administrative permissions only to trusted and experienced individuals. Also consider the use of roles to prevent users from seeing plug-ins that do not apply to their jobs. For example, a user can be given a role that displays the Library Manager without displaying the Server Manager or the User Manager.

SAS Management Console is structured as a series of Java plug-ins, each of which provide a specific administrative function. A number of plug-ins are delivered to all customers, such as the Server Manager plug-in. Other plug-ins are delivered based on your site license, such as the administrative plug-in for SAS Enterprise Miner.

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