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Administering SAS OLAP Servers

Authorizing Access to OLAP Cubes and Cube Data

In SAS Management Console, the Authorization tabs of cubes and OLAP schemas display the permissions that apply to those objects. With appropriate permission, you (the OLAP administrator) can grant or deny read or write permission to users, roles, and groups.

You can also control access to cube data, so that a single cube provides different data for different users. You can prevent access to specified dimensions, hierarchies, and levels, and you can define permission conditions to filter cube data within dimensions. To set permission conditions on a cube, use the MDX Expression Builder in SAS Management console, or open the cube's Authorization tab in SAS OLAP Cube Studio. For details and procedures, see the "OLAP Member-Level Permissions" chapter in the SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide.

Change Permissions and Disable Cubes Using SAS OLAP Cube Studio

In SAS OLAP Cube Studio, you need Administer permission on both the cube and the client's SAS OLAP Server in order to change cube permissions and enable and disable cubes.

In SAS OLAP Cube Studio, to find the SAS OLAP Server to which the client is connected, select Tools [arrow] Options and refer to the Server field.

To view and change user permissions on the SAS OLAP Server, display the Properties window in SAS Management Console and select the Authorization tab.

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