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What Is the SAS System?

Review of SAS Tools


DATA SAS-data-set;

begins a DATA step and tells SAS to begin creating a SAS data set. SAS-data-set names the data set that is being created.

%INCLUDE source(s) </<SOURCE2> <S2=length> <host-options>>;

brings SAS programming statements, data lines, or both into a current SAS program.


tells SAS to begin executing the preceding group of SAS statements.

For more information, see Statements in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary.


PROC procedure <DATA=SAS-data-set>;

begins a PROC step and tells SAS to invoke a particular SAS procedure to process the SAS data set that is specified in the DATA= option. If you omit the DATA= option, then the procedure processes the most recently created SAS data set in the program.

For more information about using procedures, see the Base SAS Procedures Guide.

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