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Directing SAS Output and the SAS Log

Learning More

Output Delivery System

For complete reference documentation about the Output Delivery System, see SAS Output Delivery System: User's Guide.


For complete reference documentation about PROC PRINTTO, see Base SAS Procedures Guide.

SAS environment

For details about the methods of operating SAS and interactive processing in the windowing environment, see Part 10, "Understanding Your SAS Environment."

SAS log

For complete reference information about the SAS log and procedure output, see SAS Language Reference: Concepts.

SAS output

For more information, see the other sections in "Understanding Your SAS Session."

SAS system options

For details about SAS system options, including configuration options, see SAS Language Reference: Dictionary.

For operating-specific information about routing output, the PRINT= option, LOG= option, and other SAS system options, see the SAS documentation for your operating environment.

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