Names the application instance and initializes the ARM interface.
Category: ARM Performance Macro
Restriction: SAS 9.3 and later


%PERFINIT (APPNAME='application-name');
%PERFINIT (APPLNAME='application-name');

Required Argument

APPNAME='application-name'; APPLNAME='application-name';
is the application name, which must be a SAS character variable or a literal enclosed in single or double quotation marks. If both APPNAME= and APPLNAME= arguments are used, APPLNAME= takes precedence. If neither APPNAME= or APPLNAME= argument is used, then the value of SAS is the default.
Restriction:The application name has a 127-character limit.


The %PERFINIT macro names the application and initializes the ARM interface if a previous %PERFINIT macro has not been issued. Typically, it is executed when the application initializes. For an example, see ARM Performance Macros.
Note: You must globally enable ARM macros by setting the _ARMEXEC macro variable to a value of 1. For more information, see Setting the _ARMEXEC Macro Variable.