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Using the ARM Interface

ARM API Function Calls

The ARM API function calls are contained in the SAS ARM agent. For the SAS implementation, you do not insert ARM API function calls in a SAS application, you insert performance macros, which generate calls to the ARM API function calls.

Here are the six ARM API function calls:


names the application and the users of the application and initializes the ARM environment for the application.


names a transaction.


signals the start of a unique transaction.


(optional) provides information about the progress of a transaction.


signals the end of a unique transaction.


terminates the ARM environment and signals the end of an application.

ARM API function calls use numeric identifiers (IDs) to uniquely identify the ARM objects that are input and output from the calls. There are three classes of IDs:

IDs are numeric, assigned integers. The ARM agent assigns IDs. The scheme for assigning IDs varies from one vendor's agent to another, but, at a minimum, a unique ID within a single session is guaranteed. Some agents enable you to pre-assign IDs.

The following table shows the relationships between the ARM API function calls, the ARM macros, and the performance macros:

Relationships between ARM API Function Calls, ARM Macros, and Performance Macros
ARM API Function Calls ARM Macros Performance Macros

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