Retrieves values of SAS variables from a previous MSMQ message that was received by an MSMQRECEIVEMSG call.


CALL MSMQGETPARMS(hMap, rc, parm1 ,parm2, parm3, ...>);

Required Arguments

Numeric, input
Specifies the SAS internal map descriptor handle that is obtained from a previous MSMQMAP function call.
Numeric, output
Provides the return code from the CALL routine. If an error occurs, then the return code is nonzero. You can use the SAS function SYSMSG() to obtain a textual description of the return code.
Numeric or character, input
Specifies one or more parameters that are used to define the values of SAS variables in a message. Initialize the variables appropriately to guarantee that truncation of the returned values does not occur.


This message is available until the next MSMQRECEIVEMSG call is performed.

Example: Example

This example gets values of SAS variables from a received message.
length parm1 parm2 parm3;
length parm4 $ 200;
CALL MSMQGETPARMS(hMap, rc, parm1, parm2, parm3,