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The BUILD Procedure

BUILD Procedure Syntax

Note: You can use any number of COMPILE, MERGE, MLINK, PRINT, and SYNC statements with the PROC BUILD statement. The statements execute before any procedure windows are opened. All MERGE statements are executed first, followed by all PRINT statements, all MLINK statements, all SYNC statements, and finally all COMPILE statements.

PROC BUILD <CATALOG=<libref.>catalog-name<.entry-name.entry-type>>
COMPILE <options>;
CROSSREF PROJECT=libref.catalog-name | (catalog-list) <options>;
MERGE CATALOG=libref.catalog-name <options>;
MLINK <options>;
PRINT items <options>;
SYNC <options>;

The PROC BUILD statement is required. The other statements are optional and are used as follows:

To do this Use this statement
Compile the SAS Component Language code in FRAME, PROGRAM, and SCL entries COMPILE
Collect information for the Static Analyzer performance analysis tool CROSSREF
Combine entries from another SAS catalog into the current catalog MERGE
Generate submenu links between MENU entries MLINK
Print the contents of catalog entries PRINT
Synchronize changes in RESOURCE, CLASS, or FRAME entries SYNC

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