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More on Mixture Designs

More on Mixture Designs

Chapter 10 introduced the simplest kind of mixture design, in which the only constraint is that the factors sum to one. In practice, you are rarely able to conduct a mixture experiment throughout the region defined by this constraint, which is referred to as a simplex. Cost, infeasibility of some levels of particular components, and difference in behavior of the mixture near some edges of the simplex might require that you restrict the runs to a particular region within the simplex.

Furthermore, factors that are not part of the blend might have some significant influence on the response of interest. For example, the blends might be studied at different temperatures. Such factors, called process variables, are not part of the Scheffé model used in Chapter 10. ADX can include process factors in analysis and optimization of mixture designs.

Creating a Constrained Mixture Design

Creating a Mixture Design with Process Variables

Points to Remember

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