VIEWDESC= Statement (Required) | (Optional)

Assigns a name to the view descriptor for a new database

Applies to: Optional for new databases , Required for existing databases
Note: When creating a new database using the VIEWDESC= statement, it must follow some statement that is only for creating a new database. The VIEWDESC= statement cannot be the first statement specified in PROC DBLOAD.


VIEWDESC= libref.view-descriptor;

Syntax Description

The VIEWDESC= statement identifies the view descriptor for the SYSTEM 2000 database that is being created or loaded.
For an existing database, the VIEWDESC= statement is required because it contains the database name and identifies the password and the components in the view.
When you create a new database, PROC DBLOAD creates a view descriptor. By default, the new database name is Work.database.VIEW, where database contains the first 7 characters of the new name. The view descriptor matches the access descriptor from which it is derived. Use the VIEWDESC= statement to specify the libref and member name for a permanent view descriptor. If the member name for the view descriptor already exists, PROC DBLOAD does not create a new database.