CV2VIEW Procedure

Overview: CV2VIEW Procedure

The CV2VIEW procedure converts SAS/ACCESS view descriptors into SQL views. Consider converting your descriptors for these reasons
  • Descriptors are no longer the recommended method for accessing relational database data. By converting to SQL views, you can use the LIBNAME statement, which is the preferred method. The LIBNAME statement provides greater control over such DBMS operations as locking, spooling, and data type conversions. The LIBNAME statement can also handle long field names, but descriptors cannot.
  • SQL views are platform-independent. SAS/ACCESS descriptors are not.
The CV2VIEW procedure in SAS 9.1 can convert both of these descriptors.
  • 64-bit SAS/ACCESS view descriptors that were created in either 64-bit SAS 8 or 64-bit SAS 9.1
  • 32-bit SAS/ACCESS view descriptors that were created in 32-bit SAS 6 and SAS 8
If the descriptor that you want to convert is READ-, WRITE-, or ALTER-protected, those values are applied to the output SQL view. For security reasons, these values do not appear if you save the generated SQL to a file. The PASSWORD part of the LIBNAME statement is also not visible to prevent generated SQL statements from being submitted manually without modification.