Naming Conventions for Hive

For general information about this feature, see SAS Names and Support for DBMS Names.
SAS and Hadoop objects include tables, views, table references, columns, and indexes. They follow these naming conventions.
  • A SAS name must be from 1 to 32 characters long. When Hive column names and table names are 32 characters or less, SAS handles them seamlessly. When SAS reads Hive column names that are longer than 32 characters, a generated SAS variable name is truncated to 32 characters. Hive table names should be 32 characters or less because SAS cannot truncate a table reference. If you already have a table name that is greater than 32 characters, create a Hive table view or use the explicit SQL feature of PROC SQL to access the table.
  • If truncating would result in identical names, SAS generates a unique name.
  • Even when it is enclosed in single or double quotation marks, a Hive name does not retain case sensitivity. Hive table and column names can contain uppercase letters A through Z (A-Z), lowercase letters A through Z (a-z), numbers from 0 to 9, and the underscore (_). Hive converts uppercase characters to lowercase. Therefore, such SAS table references as MYTAB and mytab are synonyms—referring to the same table.
  • A name can begin with a letter or an underscore but not a number.
  • A name cannot be a Hadoop reserved word. If a name generates a Hadoop error, try to append a number or underscore in an appropriate place. For example, if shipped results in an error, try shipped1 or ship_date.
Although the PRESERVE_COL_NAMES= and PRESERVE_TAB_NAMES= options are supported for SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop, you should not need to use them.