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The ACCESS Procedure for PC Files

MIXED Statement

Determines whether to convert numeric data values in a column to their character representation when the corresponding SAS variable is expecting a character value.
Valid: for WK1, WK3, WK4, Excel 4, Excel 5, and Excel 95 file formats under Windows operating environments

MIXED=<YES | NO | Y | N>


You use the MIXED statement with WKn and XLS files if you have both numeric and character data in a column. Specifying YES allows both numeric and character data to be displayed as SAS character data. NO, the default, treats any data in a column that does not match the specified type as missing values.

You can change the default value to YES by setting the SS_MIXED environment variable.

See Setting Environment Variables for XLS Files.

The MIXED statement is an editing statement and must follow the CREATE statement and any database descriptions when you create an access descriptor.

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